I’m leaving now…for realzies. https://lifeattendinghighschoolblog.wordpress.com/  If you think you’re going to miss me go here because that’s where I’m at! Bye, friends.
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It’s me. And I was wondering if you wanted to see me make a new blog. It will be about my life attending high school. I thought it would be nice to change the URL, so things would look nicer. It would be awesome if you would inform me on your opinion and follow me into the next chapter of my WordPress experience.

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Things I Must Always Have

    I don’t carry much, but the bare necessities. Which are…

Wallet – with cards and cash.
Glasses – need them.
Sunglasses – for my extremely light       sensitive eyes.
Multi-color pen – writing.
Bookmark – on the go reading.
Book light – on the go reading.
Book – on the go reading.
Camera – opurtunities always emerge.
Ear buds – casual music listening.
Phone – all the goods in one little thing.
ChapStick – I peel my lips like someone else would bite their nails, so it’s a necessity.
Perfume – life.
  & Gloves – because it’s freaking below freezing out here!
All of which are encased in my Steve the Unicorn bag, a relic I created in sixth grade!




It snowed at my house, which is a mere 1200ft, but there’s only an inch of it or less. The bad thing is our power is out, and from what I’ve heard the power’s out across the city.
My grandma and uncle barely made it to the neighboring city to get coffee, because we can’t make anything without power. Besides my ice coffee, but it’s best to not open the fridge when the power’s out. You could compromise everything inside.
My house is cold. My father’s building a fire, my mom is sleeping, and my uncle and grandma are getting coffee. I sure hope we get power soon, because this storm is ever worse than the last one.


Not So Jolly Holidays

Hi. Bad news, maybe not for you, but yes for my family. We found out Thursday night that my grandpa (my mom’s dad) has bone cancer. Considering his age, his health, and the fact that the doctors offered him a biopsy or hispid, his isn’t going to live past this.
We have no idea how long he has, that’s why my uncle flew in from Utah last night. I’m going to visit grandpa today before a massive storm comes in tomorrow with snow levels coming all the way down to 1,500ft. It sucks and my mom and uncle are taking it hard. I’m fine, I only see him about every three months so I’m not very close to him. Anyways, bye.


Thanksgiving Week!

I have all of next week off because of Thanksgiving and parent teacher conferences. The thing is, I’m bored already. I went and saw Mockingjay Part 2 this morning with my dad. Yes, I did cry if you were wondering. I also read all the books in 6th grade(3-4 years ago). The Oregon ducks football game is in full as of now(we’re winning), but I certainly don’t care for the sport so here I am.

I am also going to Nat’s play, Rumors, tonight with my mom. My parents and I were suppose to all go to an 80 year old’s birthday party, but my mother is going to the play with me. It’s the last showing and I told my parents about it weeks in advance. Also every showing they made an excuse not to, so I made my mother feel obligated. I knew she didn’t want to go to the birthday party anyway. She doesn’t like them, but my father is obligated to go to party. If he didn’t it would be like a “dishonor” to the family. I am obligated to watch the play, Nat would hold it above for as long as I can imagine.

Nat told me who she liked about a week ago. I was doing some “protective stalking” on Twitter when I found the guy’s profile and discovered some very inappropriate things. I told Nat about my finding this morning, but I didn’t tell her what it was. She told she didn’t like him anymore anyways. I’m going to show her my findings tonight. She’ll definitely be surprised to find out that the guy follows about fifty female porn related accounts. Keep in mind that we’re all 14, in 9th grade. Her reaction will be interesting, to say the least. Adios.